Podcast: The Place of Compromise for the Christian

This week Keith and I take a listener’s question related to last week’s first podcast on politics and filtering information as it comes at us at such a fast pace, and spend this week dealing with that question and implications for us. Justin Owen’s joins us as a continuation of last week’s TID.

Give it a listen here TID: The Place of Compromise for the Christian

You can watch below.

TID will be up on Apple and Spotify soon, so keep a sharp eye out for that, and please share if you are so inclined! For real, share the podcast…if you are so inclined. Be inclined!


  1. The next “perfect” candidate will be in the deception of the Anti-Christ.
    I also agree that Sanctity of Life is a first order issue. I have a spiritual heartache about the present infatuation with death surrounding the pandemic at the same time babies are being aborted every day while a blind eye is cast from any news media report or statistic.
    Thanks guys, thoroughly enjoying these podcasts.

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  2. Thanks for the interesting responses to my obnoxious questions. Some day when our shelter in place is over, I’d like to talk about this in person because I would have some follow-up questions based on my reporting background and just some observations about church life in general. It was interesting you mentioned Romans 14 and unity at the end because I was reading Jesus’ prayer for unity of believers in my quiet time this morning and thinking about the times I have felt unwelcome in some churches because my views on some issues aren’t like the majority and, more importantly, how many non-followers are drawn away from Christ because of our lack of unity.

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