Worship Today

Without laying out all 127 references of “worship” in the ESV, it is safe to say that worship is something the Bible commands Jesus followers to do.

Worship is the act of ascribing glory, honor, praise, worth, etc. to something. NOT that our worship gives those things to the object of our worship. Rather, the object of our worship is deserving of those things because of the sheer grandeur of who they are.

Worship is the offering of our very selves to the Triune God of the bible because he is worthy.

The bible teaches that we get a new “heart” when we repent and believe the good news of the Kingdom of Jesus. We get the Holy Spirit too. He causes us to live in the way of Jesus.

However, my new heart resides in a body that has the stain of the curse in it, and will need to be resurrected to a perfect state that will match my new heart.

In the meantime, my new heart and my stained body fight one another daily…hourly…by the minute.

What does this have to do with worship? For me, everything.

Worship tunes…dials in…the affections of my new heart to the Spirit’s frequency.

Worship helps me to fight with precision against the stain of the curse in my body.

Worship causes the superior motivation of delight in Jesus to overcome the temporary pleasures of rebellion.

So, worship today!

Here is a song I was worshiping the Lord with early this morning on a run. Get somewhere that you can just let go, and bring this to Jesus as an offering, and see if it doesn’t lift Jesus up and bring you great joy.

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