Mitchell…Who I am

I am a man who really enjoys football, sports and competition in general, mountains, paddling our local rivers, trucks, guns, preaching, teaching, engaging people of other faiths with the gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom, and working for the good of our city and world in the public square.

If you are around me long you will either hear about Jesus, or my thoughts on a number of important issues surrounding my home town sports teams. Yes, I’m a homer. Rise up! Chop on! Go Dawgs!

I have an amazing and hard-working wife, Jennifer. We have been married since July 31st, 1999, and we have three sons, Gabriel, John Mark and Daniel.

My goal in this blog is to help sharpen our focus on the church and her public engagement for Jesus’ fame.



  1. Mitch, It has been quite a while since I have spoken with any of my Jolly Squad friends. I am sitting here at Winthrop Court thinking about you guys after the article in todays Rome News about your “young men.” It seems impossible for them to be grown but it also seems impossible that I am as old as I am. I have a young cousin on the Model team with them, Cole Couey. Give my best to Jennifer and the guys.

    Skip @ Winthrop Court


  2. May the good Lord bless the works of your hands. I loved the sermon notes on Galatians 3:19-29 about the Law and the Promise, couldnt find a better explanation. Looking forward to more of such sharings.

    Clever Bikoko,(Zambia)

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