A Pro-Life Ethic Practiced

As it seems that SCOTUS is set to overturn Roe, this is a huge day. Praise God for this good news.

However, the work is not done. We have to now set our nose to the grindstone of a pro-life ethic worked out in the public square as a collective.

I know there are many who put their hands to this work, and there is now the need for us all to do more.

I wanted to show you a little of what it looks like for us at Three Rivers Church / Global Impact / Restoration Rome. From the beginning of bringing a little two-year-old fella into our home in foster care to the adoption to mobilizing a church to releasing church members into their domains to be agents of the gospel of the kingdom, we’ve seen some amazing things.

Now, we press in and keep going after the work. So, for those who want to know what you can do or a pattern to imitate, take a look, talk to God, and follow the Holy Spirit’s prompts on what you can do to see that a pro-life victory is had in full.

Thanks to all our partners in the building and our local church partners who give and serve. Let’s keep pressing it!


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