As You Begin Reading Your Bible This Year

Welcome to 2021! There are thousands of things that will begin to battle for your time as they always do. Nothing magical happened as we went from 2020 to 2021. Sorry. What can shift is what we choose to invest our time in.

I’ve never regretted investing more time in reading and studying the Bible. I hear from God himself as the Holy Spirit leads me to see and savor Jesus, his way, his person, his sovereignty, his love, his power….the glories are as limitless as the eternal and unchanging God that he is.

I would recommend to you the bible reading plan I have been using for some 28 years. I’ll attach it below.

I’m also going to attach an article that will absolutely bless your socks off that will help you see the creation account in a new light and help you as you read about the construction of the temple a little later on. The two are NOT disconnected. Nothing in the the Bible is disconnected. It will just take time, study, continually developing reading skill, asking questions from your leaders who should be equipped to help you, asking the Lord to make his word land rightly in your soul, and simply staying after it.

So, here’s to another year of plowing through God’s word together!

Go get after it. Grace to you and peace!

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