The Church: 9 Marks of a NT Church: Discipline/Accountability

Today Pastor Justin will be preaching from the Bible on discipline and accountability as an indicator of biblical health. As we continue this study on the church and it’s health indicators, don’t forget to go deeper in all your TRC discipleship relationships with the Scriptures we share with you.

Also, don’t forget that next week we will NOT be gathering at TRC for morning worship. We WILL be gathering at Ridge Ferry Park at 3:30 for worship. Please invite friends, bring some chairs or whatever you’d like to sit in, hang out, worship and hear from the Scriptures. 3:30-5:30. We’ll spend the first 45 minutes just gathering and doing whatever you’d like at the park, and we’ll kick off singing at 4:15, then we’ll open the Scriptures together, then we’ll respond in worship to close our time. Simple and should be fun. In case of inclement weather, we’ll make a call about all things Saturday night.

Have a great Sunday ya’ll!

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