Church: 9 Marks of a New Testament Church: Evangelism

Evangelism – Justin, Les, Mitch

NOTE: These notes are going to be best used as you listen together and then work through these questions together as a family and then as a RL Group. 

Justin has passed on some good teaching points to RL Group leaders for you all to work through. 

Evangelism is difficult in a place where you rarely find anyone who does not associate with Christianity, can speak the subculture language of Christianity and respond in the affirmative that they are in fact a Christian. 

So, is our area properly evangelized?

That’s the problem when you do the math. The number of churches in Floyd County: 119. Average attendance in the USA: 75…Not sure about Rome, GA. Largest congregations in Rome total attendance: 10k max out of 100K. 

Is our area properly evangelized?

Needless to say, there is a disconnect somewhere.

So, let’s begin with the basics and discover 4 basic questions and answers to those questions: 

  • What is evangelism?
  • Why should we evangelize?
  • Who should evangelize?
  • How should we evangelize?

4 Basic Questions and Answers

1. What is evangelism? 

  1. It’s not imposing my belief system. 
  2. It’s not my story of what Jesus has done for me. 
  3. It’s not apologetics.

Definition: Mack Stiles – “Teaching the good news with an aim to persuade.” 

2. Why should we evangelize?

We could point to the Great Commission, but there are some robust passages that help us to see that disciple-making is something of an obedience issue. 

3. Who should evangelize? 

The easy answer to this question is: Every follower of Jesus should practice disciple-making.  

 4. How should we evangelize? 

God graciously saved me through a methodology that I now see as “not best”.

My point? God is sovereign and saves via the Good News delivered through methodologies that we may not like or think tactically effective. 

  1. Personal evangelism
    1. Acts 17:16-18…
  2. Corporate, built into the culture of our entire gathering, evangelism…Team effort. 

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