Give to Restoration Rome

Today is “Give Tuesday”. I know there will be many folks reaching out to ask for your donations today. May I ask you a question? If you are in Rome/Floyd County, would you consider giving to the most needed work in our town? If you are from somewhere else, is there anything more worthy?

We have a foster care crisis in Rome, GA. As Christians, the mandate of James 1:27 looms over us as a glorious and joyous yet almost crushing way. Over 300 children in care. Less than 30 available homes. The need for good people to be coached into being great parents. The need for willing people to be available to care for and love a needy child. the need for families to become the forever home of a child. The need to bring every service necessary for all that work under one roof.

That’s not free, and that takes a lot of people working together.

We have made it our aim to work in the public square addressing real problems because that is what Jesus did. And this is work for anyone who wishes to help. We have to work together to solve this problem

Would you help us? There is much to be volunteered. But there is much-needed financially. Lots of construction upcoming. Lots of additions later. We need your help.

In the upper right corner of this post is a link on the picture of downtown titled “Restoration Rome”. Here is a link so you can read about is a little more Restoration Rome. There is a donate button to the right of the information on our page.

Please consider giving to Restoration Rome.

Thank you!


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