Christians and Patriotism

This is a well thought through response to the question about Christians and their practice of patriotism.

We honor our veterans and we encourage service to our country as one desires the work of that domain.

However, there will be many a worship service on the weekend of July 4 that focus on America rather than the Kingdom of God. There will be many that give thanks without going into excess and overemphasizing country rather than the gospel. No doubt some will defend excesses by using the argument that God gave us our country and we need to give thanks for it. It is true God has granted we live where we live and it is a good grace. By all means we should give thanks for our country, those who served and continue to serve and our freedom, but we need to be careful with putting too much emphasis on the country over the Kingdom of God in a worship service. We should give thanks for our country but we don’t have to use an entire worship service to do so.

So, tomorrow we will not be emphasizing our patriotism on July 3 in our worship service. We will be talking about Acts 8:26-40 and the great encouragement we have in the power of the gospel of the kingdom as we continue on in our study through Acts. Most of us will celebrate our God’s grace to us in our country on Monday. But make sure our patriotism is properly placed.

Listen to this fantastic podcast by John Piper on Christians and patriotism.

Should Christians Be Patriotic?

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