Three Rivers Community Church and our Mission

Three Rivers Community Church and our Mission

Ezekiel 36:37-38

This passage must have a greater fulfillment than the return of the exiles to the land. Chapter 37 helps us see this by reminding Ezekiel that the Lord will raise up a people from their dead state and unite Judah and Jerusalem into one people again and set “David” over them.

Well, David is dead. And the fact is that it’s not “David” that the Lord has in mind. What the Lord has in mind is the new Davidic covenant promise that from David will come rulers and one ruler in particular who will rule forever over his people who will be represented in all the peoples of the earth.

The genealogies at the beginning of Matthew are not there, however it may seem, to bore disinterested readers. Those list of names are there to show the astute bible reader that this Jesus of Nazareth is a (the) descendant of David that was promised to come and rule over the people of God just as Father promised in his grand work of salvation to rescue his creatures from the clutches of the rebellion in the garden so long ago started by Satan and propagated by our parents.

Ezekiel 36:37-38 has a distinct Gospel feel to it. This passage is a promise that when we ask Father for Gospel fruit he will give it to us and that fruit will be not for our consumption, but that fruit will be for the filling of nations and kingdoms to bring those nations and kingdoms under the rule of the King of Kings and his Kingdom.

This passage is the passage given by the Spirit to assure this heart that he was the one in charge of “growing” Three Rivers Community Church.

TRCC will be 10 years old March 2. What a journey this has been.

We have seen Father do what only Father can do even in spite of us.

So that we don’t forget and stay in step together for another 10 years, it’s vital that we revisit what makes us TRCC.

We will, for the next few weeks, revisit our mission (today) and some doctrinal distinctives that define us such as missions, salvation, baptism, the Lord’s Supper and the church. It should be fun and a great time to refocus and set our collective face like flint on the mission of the Lord.

Today, we’ll look at our mission, the radical life and some of how this John 15 kind of living works itself out.

1. Mission

For the glory of God, we will build the church (big picture of the Gospel) – Abrahamic Covenant, Matthew 28:16-20

Both local and global (scope of Gospel work) Acts 1:8

By being and producing radical followers of Jesus Christ (means) John 15

2. Means

Radical Life – John 15

Communion with God
Community with the Church
Collision with Culture

Radical Life is not necessarily ministry begun as an organizational entity requiring budgets and fractal structures of influence. Radical Life is Spirit filled followers of Jesus pointing people who do not know or Christians who need to grow toward the Father that they may be saved and / or may begin growing up into Christ who is their Chief Shepherd. That kind of ministry is powerful, free and effective.

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