Say True Things All The Time

Good Monday TRC and Friends! I was watching this clip of Tucker Carlson speaking at the Heritage Foundation, and I’d recommend the whole thing. I recommend from the 10:51 mark to the 17:15 mark if you can’t listen to the whole 26 minutes and 14 seconds. 

For the record, I’m not a CNN or Fox News disciple. I refuse to be discipled by modern American media. 

I select news from sources that are NOT entertainment and are based on simply passing on factual information that leaves the interpretation up to me. 

I also recognize that a great number of folks who call themselves Evangelical spend more time bashing Tucker Carlson than actually addressing some of the issues he might bring up. 

I notice that phenomenon more than I actually listen to Carlson. 

Don’t read into anything you might hear or read on my website or in this post about my political affiliation. Republicans are as abhorrent as Democrats, and both are more concerned with power than actually being “liberal” or “conservative”. They major on pandering to a voting block that keeps them in power. That is their goal.

They do this by making a particular voting block believe the party has their back and is concerned about their issues. Not really. If they did, we conservatives would have seen the overturning of Roe v. Wade while we had the red party and a red Congress, and red justices all in a row. They didn’t, and they didn’t want to. 

The blue party is the opposite extreme, and they’ll use folks who are mentally ill to keep their power with zero concern for the ill person who votes them in. 

What I love in this clip is the honest evaluation that his theological position is barely Christian and that he’s a “Samaritan” of the faith, and ashamedly so, and yet he does not miss the truth. 

We will cherry-pick issues to speak prophetically about, and usually 50 years too late. 

Maybe, we should simply say true things all the time in application to a context that is out of control. 

It feels like some of these sexually explicit issues were always there, yet they went from cruising with the top down to light speed in your face in about a year’s time. Does that analogy make sense?

Of course, we knew of such things, but they were so marginal that we dared not believe they’d become mainstream. Now, common sense seems to be marginal, and extreme is the main. 

Chris and I might crack open those TID microphones and talk about this for the next podcast episode. 

Let’s perhaps do what this man says, spend a few minutes praying for the future. Ask the Lord Jesus to bring his kingdom through the local church as we engage our vocational domains of society with the truths of God. 

Ya’ll have a great week! Out.

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