TID #72 Human Sexuality

TID #72 Human Sexuality

Good Day TRC and Friends!

Today Chris and I introduce our first discussion in the course of podcasts on the Christian Life. That discussion is about Human Sexuality. 

We are quick to default to the Bible as the source for our framework and are also quick to answer the critique that some might level by pointing out that all humans everywhere always appeal to a higher source as the framework for their belief whether that source is “science” or another person. So, to critique a Christian for appealing to the Bible is hypocritical at best. 

We dive into the mind, the soul, and biology and why distinction and boundaries are good for human flourishing. 

I’m quite sure we didn’t cover enough or were nuanced enough, but we wanted to discuss some framework with some measure of boundaries, grace, and conviction.

We hope you’ll listen. 

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Have a great day Ya’ll!

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