TID #59 Follow the Jesus of the Bible not a Worldly Jesus

Why a podcast?

As we’ve done quite a bit of podcasting the last couple of years I realized I’ve never said all the reasons for doing it. 

So, before you listen to our 59th episode posted below, I wanted to give you some insight into why I wanted to give this a go. 

First, I understand worship to be deeper and more pervasive than singing for myself. All through the Bible, worship is seen as something that people epitomize with their whole being. 

Romans 12:1-2 reminds us that worship is being a living sacrifice. For me, the use of my mind and words daily is as much worship as the Sunday gathering. So, doing a podcast allowed me to use my mind and words to talk about true things as a personal act of worship. 

Second, I wanted to invite our church, Three Rivers Church, into that dialogue to help us all together shape our thinking. There are 168 hours in a week, and we are hopefully sleeping 7-8 of those per night. Then we are working. Then we are doing other tasks. Hopefully, we get some time for Bible reading and study, worship with our church family, and small group. This spiritual content is likely less than 10 hours per week. The rest of that time we are inundated with information. Some it is good, and some of it is training us for dark purposes and we might not realize it. 

I wanted to put some content out in digital space that TRC folks could have access to that would help shape their thinking in a good way. 

If other folks who are not TRC listen, that’s a win. Anyone welcome!

Finally, I wanted to do more to exercise the Lord’s stewardship of speech and words to me. Since leaving the classroom 6 years ago, I don’t get to teach as much as I used to, so I wanted to make sure I was using what the Lord entrusted to me more. 

We are growing in content production quality, and hope you are helped by Theology in the Dirt. 

So, please use it and share it with each other in the church and other friends and family as you desire, and I believe regardless, God is honored. 

Here is episode #59 EHD Following the Jesus of the Bible not a Worldly Jesus:

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