Sermon Notes: Student Ministry Sunday

Good morning TRC and Friends! Today, the Student Ministry Team is sharing with the fellowship about TRC Students, and Marco and Stephen will be leading through that content.

Here are their notes for you?

Three Rivers- Aug 14, 2022

Student Report Sunday- Outline

  1. Introduction (BOTH) – Why Youth Ministry?
    1. Introduction to how we got here.
    1. Who we are:
      1. We are a ministry that learns to equip and send our students to impact there current and future domains.
    1. What we do:
      1. We teach students through the exposition of scripture, so they are equipped for evangelism and discipleship.
    1. Why we do it:
      1. We do this for the glory of the Lord and for the advancement of his kingdom.
  2. Structure of Youth Ministry (SG) –
    1.  Up, In, Out
    1. Small Group Style
      1. Eat and Fellowship
      1. Time in the Word (Exegetical Study)
      1. Small Group Discussion time
    1. Purpose Behind that Style
  3. Snowbird (MZ) –
    1. Zuniga’s SWO story.
    1. Why we partner –
      1. Mission Statement:  Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the exposition of Scripture and personal relationships in order to equip the Church to impact this generation.
      1. Partnership between SWO/Red Oak and TRC.
    1. Purity, Summer, Fall
      1. Purity – The Pure and Holy retreat is a weekend where students are taught how to fight for holiness in everything that they think and act. The content that is taught during this weekend is not intense, but it is good challenge for students to set for themselves daily.
      1. Summer – Summer camp is the biggest event SWO offers. SWO will take an entire week of camp not only to entertain the students but to exegetically teach the bible and disciple students. SWO does a phenomenal job proclaiming the name of Jesus and making the mission of his kingdom clear and obvious. This past summer’s focus was the Life of David.
      1. Fall – Fall retreat is another great opportunity to sit under the expositional teaching of the SWO staff. Like Purity, it’s another smaller weekend retreat filled with great teaching and great fun.
    1. Teachings and Activities
      1. Life of David from the Summer.
      1. Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters:
      1. On campus and Off campus recreation.
  4. Teaching Time Through Romans (BOTH) –
    1. Romans
      1. Purpose for Doing Romans – We decided to do Romans because it was a great opportunity for our students to learn how much we need Jesus in our lives. Romans taught us about our sinful nature and that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. Luckily, Jesus presents us with his gift of grace that covers our sins and makes us holy.
      1. Memory Verses: Romans 3:21-26 & Romans 12:9-13
      1. Big Idea from Romans –
        1. Romans 3:21-26
        1. Righteousness – To be right in the eyes of the Lord.

Justification – Being just as if we have never sinned.

Sanctification – The continuous work of God through the Holy Spirit which leads us to be made new in Christ Jesus.

Glorification – The eternal state of being redeemed

  • Summary of Chapters from Bible Project: Resources we use.
    • The Gospel Project | Romans 1-4:
      • Chapter 1: All Humanity is Trapped in Sin & Needs to be Rescued.
        • V. 25 – “…they have exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the creator.”
        • Because of this, God has given us up to our passions and the wrath of God will be revealed to all the unrighteous and unholy because of their suppression of the truth.
        • Where do we find rescue from our sin?
      • Chapter 2: Rescue won’t happen by Trying to Obey the Laws of the Torah.
        • Read v. 3-5. – Judgement is not ours to bear. We should be able to recognize the kindness God shows for us so we can be led to repentance and through repentance we will be made new and live eternally worshipping our Father in Heaven.
        • We then go into v. 6 where Paul explains that God will render to each person according to their works.
        • What do our works look like?
        • Is it aligned just with the Law or is it also aligned with the precepts of God?
        • The obedience of the Law is not what saves us from our sin. The acknowledgement that our souls desperately needing a savior and belief in Christ is what saves us from our sin. With this salvation, we are to have an inward circumcision of our hearts, by the Spirit, not by the Law.
        • How are we saved from our sin?
      • Chapter 3: God’s Righteousness Has Rescued the World through Jesus.
        • 3:21-26.
        • We are justified because of the righteousness of God that was manifested in the form if his son Jesus and through him we are justified by his gift of grace and the propitiation of his blood which forgives all sins from the very first sin to the very last.
        • This is the good news that is available to all people, all nations in every part of the world.
        • So, what happens after this?
      • Chapter 4: To Create the Faith Based Multiethnic Family of Abraham.
        • The covenant given to Abraham by God wasn’t only for the circumcised. Paul explains in verses 9-13 that the promise was given to Abraham before he was circumcised which means that he was given this seal of righteous by the faith he had when he was still uncircumcised.
        • This means that the righteousness given to Abraham is given to all who believe just as Abraham did.
        • What does this mean for everyone who believes?
      • Chapters 5-8: Creates a New Humanity
        • Chapters 5-8 give us the transformation we experience when we come under the righteousness of God through Faith.
        • Chapter 5 shows us that we have peace in God through faith. This also talked about a new process where we rejoice in our sufferings because this produces endurance, which then produces character, which then produces hope, which doesn’t put us to shame because of the love of God poured into us through his Spirit.
        • These are the first steps to our new humanity because the blood of Jesus has given us a second chance to rejoice in God who has saved our lives.
        • We are now made alive through Christ and no longer dead through Adam. Jesus is the perfect Adam.
        • Jesus is our perfect human example.
        • The rest of these chapters show the incredible change we are a part of as believers. We are alive in Christ because we were once dead to sin. We are free from the Law because Jesus perfectly fulfilled because we could not. We are alive in the Spirit and heirs with Christ which gives us access to the future glory found in God’s everlasting love.
      • Chapters 9-11 – Fulfills God’s Promise to Israel.
        • Israel in the past: God’s people are not just the ethic people of Israel; they are the ones who believe that he is the Messiah.
        • God selected a subset of the family of Israel, but this family line also includes Gentiles.
        • Israel in the present: There were covenant relationships based on the upholding of the Law.
        • Now there’s a new covenant family created on the basis of faith.
        • Israel in the future: God is not done with the people of Israel.
        • There are Israelites who believe and some who don’t believe. The one who believe are a part of God’s family while the ones who don’t believe a cut off from the family tree. This gives room for Gentiles to be grafted into this family tree.
        • However, one day Jesus will be acknowledged by his people. We just don’t know when and how.
      • Chapters 12-16- Unites the Church
        • 12&13: Unity in the Church is fulfilled through love and forgiveness. We love one another through serving, leading, teaching, prophesying, and giving. Love ultimately fulfills the Torah by loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.
        • 14&15: These chapters focus on healing the ethnic division between Jews and Gentiles. We show grace to each other on non-essential (open handed) issues. Love mends the gap between Jews and Gentiles.
        • 16: Paul ends the letter by commending Phoebe who is a fellow servant of the Lord. He asks the Romans to welcome her and help her since she has been a good servant. He also sends greetings to others in the ministry before appealing the Romans to watch over each other and be steadfast in the name of Christ.
  • Equipping to Send (Our Purpose of Youth Ministry) (SG) –
    • We are a Ministry with an end Date
    • We are a ministry that is intended to equip and then send
  • Invitation for questions and further conversations (MZ) –
  • End in prayer.

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