Mark 8:11-21 It’s not about the bread!

Good day TRC and Friends! Take a looks at this Scripture: Mark 8:11-21.

Jesus has just fed four thousand people with seven loaves of bread and a few small fish. Jesus and his crew are traveling around and preaching the good news of Jesus’ kingdom. The Pharisees find Jesus and his guys and begin arguing with them, demanding that Jesus show some sign. 

Remember, he just fed four thousand people with a few resources. But, hey, whatever. 

Also remember, Jesus has told people that he teaches with parables so that some will get it and some will not. I know that doesn’t fit in with the pop version of Jesus, but it is what the Bible tells us that Jesus said. So, Jesus takes advantage of the situation and uses the metaphor of “bread” and what comes along with bread to warn his disciples about lousy teaching. 

And as par for the course, the crew is thinking that Jesus is upset with them because they only packed one loaf of bread. 

Listen, don’t get upset that these guys miss the point often. I have to go look in the mirror almost daily and remind myself that looking at the disciples is like looking at myself. 

Jesus supplies and supplies and supplies, and the first hint of lack sends me into a financial frenzy of trying to manipulate, plan, cut, add, and all manner of chaos. And you know what? Jesus is not concerned with money. He’s concerned that I seek after his loving rule over my life and the lives of my folks. 

For the disciples it was bread. For us, it’s a multitude of things we worship other than God. Harsh, yet factual. 

Jesus has to remind his crew about the four thousand and how much they had leftover and get blunt. He told them he was not talking about bread. He was talking about the teaching of the Pharisees. 

This Scripture was in my Bible reading plan for my New Testament for the day. It confronted me in a loving and yet profound way. 

Instantly the Spirit was like, for you the bread is money. I struggle with trusting God to provide finances personally and corporately. I overreact to a real need and perceived need. I lose peace. I lose joy. My faith becomes tiny. I lose rest. I begin to not obey God on the inside. 

Jesus reminded me this morning that he feeds and gives abundant leftovers for the journey. That Spirit application brought peace to my soul and thought I’d pass this on to you. 

What is your “bread” that you often forget Jesus supplies and we don’t have to fret over?

Confess it. Repent of fretting. Resolve to trust Jesus and enjoy peace. 

You’ll have to do it again in an hour or so, but isn’t that what it is to obey Jesus day by day?

Hey, don’t fret. Do your best. Trust God. Let the fretting go. 

Have a great day!

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