Week of July 18 Updates for TRC

Good day! Hey, it’s good to be home from India. It was such a good time to be back in India visiting with the family in the faith, telling the story of Jesus to those who have no other access to it, and preparing for next time.

We wanted to drop you some news the week of July 18. We are grateful for Pastor Justin leading us in his words and actions by taking some time away. He has been an agent of healing for me, and we all hope to be an agent of peace and rest for him. We are glad he is taking the time to rest and recoup as he needs. We have a fantastic team of ministry directors and leaders who plan their work and make it happen, and they will continue that work as us elders provide oversight and leadership to them in planning and working the plans.

Myself, Jon, and Jim will be continuing to oversee our areas of the vision and working together with our fantastic team to cover all parts of our church’s work. We are doing well, and by making sure we are all healthy, we are doing ever better. It’s never negative to do self-care.

We are begin the next year’s planning in August, we start the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday, school starts back in a couple of weeks, and we begin our last First Sunday of 2022 in September. Wow. It’ll be Christmas before we know it. It is 157 days until Christmas, and about a month before Walmart begins stocking for the most joyous holiday.

Here is a little video with all of this information for you.

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