A Word for our Week: June 28, 2022

I had lots of thoughts coursing through my soul today from the overturning of Roe, to the content that teaches us, to idols that get dethroned, and making sure TRC folks know that all of this matters.

Roe was overturned, and the reaction to it has disappointed me in some circles and surprised me in others. I’ve been disappointed at so-called prophets who are quick to jump on the social issue of the day and proclaim God’s word to it, and yet on the day of victory that has been in the works for such a long time, those same people warned against “victory laps” and all the work we have to do now. First, as I wrote already, we, and Christians in general, have been doing the heavy lifting for a long time. It’s Christians who do the majority of adopting, provision of care, and provision of support. There is always more to do. That does not mean we don’t seek to stop genocide and give life a chance and celebrate when the victory is won. There is more to say, but that’s likely better done face to face with some rather than in a blog post or video.

Also, the responses to the overturning of Roe can be our teacher if we are not careful. There is the political response from left and right. There is the Christian who responds as if the political narrative is the Christian narrative. There are the people who can’t define what a woman is who now seems to not have any problem defining what a woman is who wants to teach us what’s up. Information is always seeking to convert us to some framework of thinking. Everything is always teaching. Period. So, be aware of what is disciplining you.

The idol of sexual indulgence with zero boundaries is what has been dethroned in the overturning of Roe, so that’s why we see the response we see. Idols go rogue when dethroned, and you can expect to see more vengeance from the evil one.

Here are my rambling thoughts. I hope you will allow God’s word through the rhythm of gathering under God’s word in corporate worship, relationships in covenant fellowship on mission, and repeating the cycle to be your teacher.

Ya’ll have a great day.

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