The Overturning of Roe

The first thing that needs to be said is that in the past I have been wrong in saying that we need to be ready to do more in preparation for when Roe is overturned, and to some degree, I have not emphasized enough the pure evil of the genocide of abortion and the genocidal industry of Planned Parenthood, whose founder Margaret Sanger, sought the eradication of minorities through abortion. 

We are doing all we can. We have been faithful to pioneer into a world of foster care, adoption, organization, legislation, and concentrated effort to make it possible for a momma, a daddy, and a family and extended family to care for their children. We have had skin in the game for a long time. So, my bad for suggesting we need to do more. By we, I mean our church and Christians in general. 

The truth is that it’s been the quiet and behind-the-scenes churches and organizations that have carried the load of this kind of service for 50 years, and mostly they go without any recognition. 

God sees. 

So, we need to revel in the victory God has given and be completely ok with no recognition. Most of the people and organizations behind this God-given win don’t plant churches, operate mega-facilities, speak on preacher boy circuits, write books, or have a Twitter platform. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG INNATELY WITH THOSE THINGS, AND SOME HAVE SERVED THEIR ROLE IN DRAWING PUBLIC ATTENTION TO THE CAUSE. 

The laborers, however, are women and men of conviction and suffering. Yes. Suffering. If you have skin in this game, you have suffered. That’s just a fact. The Jolly tribe knows. What we look to is the eternal weight of glory that causes these sufferings to be light momentary afflictions. 

And we are not alone. Our church. Global Impact. Restoration Rome. Hosts of other foster and adoptive families. Social workers. Investigators. Judges. State representatives. Governors. 

So, we celebrate that the federal advocacy for genocide has been overturned and returned to states and therefore citizens to decide upon.

My aim is not to get into how this works, but simply to say that many have worked behind the scenes to not only see this day happen but to already be prepared for when it does. We have done all we can, and it is written down in the logs of Heaven.

The Jeff and Mary Margaret Mauers. The Jim and Bonnie Moores. The Haven women’s health organizations of the world. The hosts of volunteers. The love. The support. The resources. 

So, we don’t really need to do more. The work is already in place. We need to keep being obedient. Behind the scenes, where the Twitter prophets can’t see because they are too busy building their brands. The Lord of the Harvest will supply any more that is needed. We will hear. We will obey. Why? Because that is what has been happening through the suffering of the unseen for 50 years. His yoke is easy and his burden is light, even in suffering. So, we press on. 

Keep hearing and obeying Saints. Enjoy the fruit of God’s victory through prayer and faithful work. Give God the glory. Go back to work on Monday doing the same things. Long obedience in the same direction. 

Grace and peace to you Saints of God!

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