TID #46 Mental Health

Today Justin and I open a discussion on mental health. We just scratch the surface of this most important topic, and we will revisit it over the weeks to come.

Two recommended reads: Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess – Dr. Caroline Leaf

The Body Keeps The Score – Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Please know we understand there is so much to the topic of mental health, and we are discussing this from our lens as Christians and guys who have had to wrestle with our own mental health NOT as professional counselors.

Personally, I have and am continuing the daily battle to exercise self-control over my mind and affect the whole of my personal health. So, our words are not spoken lightly from some ivory tower of zero experience.

So, we hope you’ll be helped, encouraged, or prepared to help someone you know or love to fight for their mental well-being. We also hope you’ll receive some tools or thoughts to help you maintain your own mental well-being.

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