TID S3E3: Boundaries

Good Friday! Hey, today we have a guest in the office with us, Eric Croft. Eric is a local firefighter and member of TRC and a prime example of theology in the dirt.

Today we brought back “Sports Hot Take” due to demand, and we hit the topic of “boundaries”. This one is a challenge because there is no chapter and verse in the Bible that teaches boundaries and in a place where not being honest is considered nice, setting boundaries is considered by some non-Christian and even rude.

So, what are boundaries, and is setting them Christian, and what are examples of setting boundaries, and what are they for? We come at these questions and a little more this week.

Thanks for listening. We hope this week will be a help for your emotional and mental health as the practice of boundaries is putting our theology into practice in our homes, city, and our world.

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