Podcast: Theology in the Dirt: S3E1: The Kingdom of God as the Lens for Seeing All Things

Good day everyone! The podcast, Theology in the Dirt is back, and season 3 has kicked off. Justin and I will start the 2022 season by setting our foundation in the kingdom of God and we’ll begin launching out into some topics that have been most helpful for us, and we trust they will be helpful for you as well.

We’ll be talking about emotionally healthy discipleship for a while and all the nuances around that, so listen in, share, and give us suggestions on topics you’d like us to discuss.


As promised, I will place the link to the sermon we referenced in the new segment called “Overtime”. What is that? Listen to find out.

Thanks so much, and if you’d like to email some ideas to us, do so at theologyinthedirt@gmail.com

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