Maturity in Christ

I’m so excited to begin January like we always do at TRC, and that is by revisiting our vision and our DNA of KDSC.

Kingdom. Disciple. Society. Church.

One of the key ways we will live in our vision and by our DNA this year is what we introduced in this sermon I’ll post below. We really want you to hear this and we really want you to digest it and be prepared for February as we circle back to studying through “maturity” this year and moving forward until we complete what the Bible says about it.

How will “maturity” fit into our preaching plan? We will continue studying chronologically through the New Testament (1 Thessalonians is next), and interspersed throughout that goal will be the ongoing topical study of “maturity in Christ” that we introduced on December 26, 2021.

Maturity will be one of the key ways we grow up into the vision God has given for us. So, if you missed this sermon, here it is. Grace and peace to you!

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