James House

Dear Three Rivers Church,

We wanted to let you know some information about the James’ House. When we acquired James House, the vision was to have an assessment home where we could help to alleviate the foster care crisis by taking foster children in and getting them placed into a home that was safe and a good fit based on the needs of those children.  The hope was that this would alleviate some of the trauma that foster children experience from having multiple placements until a suitable home is found.  When the house was acquired, there was a TRC family (the Colston’s) willing to move in and work toward implementing this model.

As the work progressed, it continued to be clear that the greatest need was more foster homes.  Floyd County did not have the luxury of utilizing the James’ House as an assessment home or to really even work toward that as a model due to the lack of foster homes.  An abundance of homes was needed (and still is). So, the James’ House filled part of that need.

As the Colston’s transitioned out of the home, that need became all the more clear. 

So, earlier in 2021, rather than continuing to build on that model, we found that it would be best to allow Global Impact and Restoration Rome to take the James’ House and assess the best way to use it going forward. 

Therefore, we gifted the James’ House to our own, Global Impact / Restoration Rome. They will continue to assess the needs of our city and work with all of our partners to continue addressing the need for many homes and services to meet the needs of our children, biological families, and foster / adoptive families as we serve our city together. 

If you have any questions about the needs for foster care, adoption, the need for homes and families, and how we are continuing to engage that work, please let us know. You can speak to me, Jim, Justin, or Jon and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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