Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, Politics, and the Sovereignty of God

Good Wednesday to you! Hey, Keith and I just finished our last episode of season one of Theology in the Dirt. We had a blast, and we hope it was helpful for you.

In this episode, we discuss the Coronavirus, conspiracy theories, politics (post election), and the sovereignty of God over it all.

We hope you’ll think along with us as we try to put our theology into thought that affects our homes, city and world.

We’ll begin recording in January 2021 for season 2. If there are topics you’d like us to hit, please email me at

TRC Sermons – Life & Teaching: Who is God? – 2/12/23 Theology in the Dirt

This is the second sermon in our Life & Teaching series at Three Rivers Church called "Who is God?". We will be sharing these sermons weekly as part of our new TRC Sermons podcast series that will drop each Monday moving forward to provide additional content from Theology in the Dirt. Mitch's sermon aired at Three Rivers on 2/12/23 and you can find the entire service video at or at the TRC YouTube page: We hope you enjoy these. Please reach out to us with any questions and if you have a business and would like to advertise on our podcasts, please let us know and for a very low price, we will advertise for you on our podcast episodes weekly. You can reach us at Thanks for stopping by! — Support this podcast:
  1. TRC Sermons – Life & Teaching: Who is God? – 2/12/23
  2. TID #86 Cancel Culture
  3. TRC Sermons – Life & Teaching: What Is the Bible? – 2/5/23
  4. TID #85 Death
  5. TRC Sermons – Mother's Day – 5/14/23

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