Thanksgiving for our Student Ministry and Snowbird

Dropping the younger two Jolly boys off for the weekend retreat was awesome on a few fronts. First, we had a bye week for Model Football, so the boys didn’t have to be carted up to Andrews, NC at 11PM at night, arriving at 1:30 AM and me having to drive back to Rome. Thank you Jesus! Second, I was thankful for SWO because of our alignment in so many areas, our partnership, and our friendship. When we send our students to SWO we don’t have to worry about what they will learn. Out students will be well trained in content and also how to mine that content themselves. Finally, and not in the correct order, I was thankful for Marco and Kayla Zuniga and Stephen and Gabby Galloway. These two couples serve the Kingdom and TRC well.

Here is a little video that unpacks this thanksgiving a little more.

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