Identifying Cultural Christianity

Good morning! Today, Keith and I take a deeper dive into identifying “cultural Christianity” or “nominal Christianity” as we make it our aim to understand our context for sharing the good news of the kingdom of Jesus.

Give it a whirl right here:

TID #79 Worldview Theology in the Dirt

Today the guys discuss the 8 components/questions for a complete worldview that spans from creation to the end times. If you are enjoying the podcast, please share it with others on social media etc, give us a 5 star rating if you choose so, and/or leave us a review on whatever platform you watch/listen on. This will help us grow our audience and the reach of the Gospel. For more content, visit To contact us with any questions, feedback, and/or topic suggestions, please email us at We hope you enjoy! Don't forget you can watch online via YouTube at or on Spotify and you can listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and iHeart Radio. Thanks for listening! — Support this podcast:
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