Theological Triage

Good day TRC and Friends. Today, Keith and I take some time to unpack theological triage as we introduced it in the sermon on Romans 14.

We dig into some examples and try to place them into the tiers of importance.

So, we hope you’ll listen and be better prepared to evaluate an issue and sort it out in fellowship with God’s word as the guide.

TID #85 Death Theology in the Dirt

The guys tackle a heavy topic this week about death and how we as Christians should approach it. We hope it is encouraging and uplifting. Please continue to help us share the podcast and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as at Click the link below if you'd like to support the podcast financially and as always, be sure to email us with any feedback, questions, and/or topic suggestions. We'd love to hear from you. Finally, you can buy TID merchandise by visiting: Thanks for watching/listening! — Support this podcast:
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  1. Dear Pastor Molly, can you point me to the recording where you and Keith unpack theological triage? I don’t see it listed above.


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