Good news Monday 6/22/2020

Good Monday to you TRC and Friends.

Today we chase a couple of theological squirrels that I didn’t have time to chase yesterday in our Father’s Day Sermon. So, follow me on that chase for a few minutes.

Also, we wanted you to know about the podcast we’ll record tomorrow and push out to you on Wednesday. We have a guest: Lisa Moore from Haven Health. They didn’t get to have their “Baby Bottle Boomerang this year due to Covid-19, so we came up with the idea to have a virtual baby bottle boomerang at TRC, and we want to encourage others to participate as well.

Haven serves the women in our city free of charge, and therefore, they truly are dependent on us giving to a most worthy cause. We’ll say more tomorrow, and provide a link to give. So, get ready to be a blessing.

Also, sorry about the post-it note “flipping” I was doing while recording. Totally not aware I was doing that until editing the video. Man, that’s like driving somewhere, and arriving, and wondering how you got there…But I’m not admitting that I have done that. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Look, squirrel!

Atonement, Jesus the Son, Theology in the Dirt with Lisa Moore

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