discipleship: Knowledge

Good day TRC and Friends. Today we drop our final episode on discipleship. We discuss the role of knowledge as we walk through Ephesians and make application of what was taught to these new Jesus followers.

Give it a listen. We are only posting the actual podcast. We won’t be posting videos in the future as we transition to a pure podcast. We are growing and learning and getting better each week as we wade into the podcast world.

We hope you are growing and coming after Jesus more. Hit us up with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss.

TID #77 Saint Patrick Theology in the Dirt

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! This week the guys dive deep into the history of Saint Patrick, this holiday, and provide some great theological takeaways for you. You can watch on YouTube or Spotify and can listen on our various podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and iHeart Radio. You can also always find us at http://www.theologyinthedirt.com. Please like and share the podcast with others and click the link below to donate regularly to support the podcast financially. You can also email us at theologyinthedirt@gmail.com and reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram as well. Have a great one and thanks for listening! — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theologyinthedirt/support
  1. TID #77 Saint Patrick
  2. TID #76 Social Media
  3. TID #75 Social Contagion
  4. TID #74 Discernment
  5. TID #73 Government and Politics

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