How to access three rivers church livestream

Good Saturday to you TRC and Friends. Today the Jolly clan is planning and making some contingency plans to celebrate Gabriel’s graduation tomorrow in one of our family’s transition celebrations we have set up for the boys. Covid-19 be cursed, we are going to gather under the guidelines as set out for us by the great state of Georgia, and celebrate by cracky even if our party is limited in number.

But today, I wanted to take a break and share a quick video on how to access the livestream. Livestreaming is the way we are going work ourselves back into the habit of meeting together at 10:30 on Sundays. We’ve been doing that at TRC for over 17 years, and the Rona has hindered that most holy habit. We are going to begin building that habit back up. Flex that muscle. Light weight at first, then we’ll add some weight. Get after the workout. Build the discipline.

So, whether you are gathering in home or with your RL Group live or later in the day (I’d suggest live), I wanted to show you have to access it.

Barring any technical difficulty, and those can happen, you can get after live worship right here like this:

So, here is the order of worship: 1. Call to worship – Welcome / Song 2. Prayer and Lord’s Supper 3. Sermon 4. Worship in Song 5. Benediction/Apostolic Sending

Alright TRC, lets get some! Have a great Saturday ya’ll. Out.

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