Living as a disciple of jesus during culturally difficult times

Good Wednesday everybody! Keith, Les and me continued discussing discipleship on this episode of Theology in the Dirt, but we went completely off script and discussed a myriad of things regarding how we as followers of Jesus need to think and act and feel.

The truth is that you may find some of this hard listening. You will find we are unscripted. You will find that we likely don’t agree on every nuance. You will find that we are brothers on mission in covenant together bound in love. You won’t find any easy answers. You will find we are wrestling with it all. You will find we are not deaf to our world which is why we wanted to talk about current events and how we think and act in the middle of it all. We hope it will be some good goading to help us all continue to have God’s eyes, God’s thoughts, God’s feelings and God’s actions.

Two platforms: Podcast and video. Don’t forget that we are making a podcast that we happen to video, so the intent is audio capture.

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TID #60 God's Gift of Limits Theology in the Dirt

Wow, 60 episodes already! We continue our series on Emotionally Healthy Discipleship this week by talking about limits and how they are a gift from God and we need to be aware of them and be able to discern between the two types of limits. We hope you are enjoying the podcast. If so, please leave us a 5 star rating and/or a positive review as that helps us reach more listeners. Also, you can email us at with any questions, feedback, and/or topic suggestions. We appreciate all of you for listening and hope you have a great day! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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