Reopening In The Months To Come

Good morning TRC and Friends. I wanted to share an article with you that I hope you will read. 

These are the realities, you’ll read about, we are wrestling with, and how we are trying to think about the future.
We are mentally toiling over all the “how to’s” with our current situation.
This will give you some insight into what every faith leader is trying to figure out.
We will be communicating with you more details as we meet with our landlord and wade through all the “what if’s” over the months to come.

Love you TRC! Hand tight, and keep being you in Christ. You are built for this. 

Go read this article right here What relaunching the church might look like over the months to come

We also don’t want to lose the lessons learned and miss the opportunity of the new normal, so keep doing what you are doing, stay on mission, and we’ll ride with Jesus as he builds his church!

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