Training for Church Planters…But Not Your “Normal” Church…Every Disciple a Church Planter.

Watch this video right here, TRC and anyone who happens to watch this and you are intrigued, and then read below.

If this appeals to you, hit me up right here… and let’s begin a process.

I want to be clear, my first and fullest intent is to train every person at TRC to be disciple making church planter. We used to believe that the shifting from the old framework to a new kingdom framework for thinking on the church would take many years. Our work has seemed like plowing concrete for years. But God in his grace has increased the speed of this framework shift. We want to be ready.

If you are not a TRC member, and you want to learn, I’d love to connect to you via the same email. Hit me up, and let’s do a zoom call.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord Jesus uses this time to build his church.


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