Politics and Filtering Information In Times of Crisis

Hey there folks! We want to introduce you to something we hope can help us put our theology into ever better practice.

Keith Thompson and I are going to be recording some weekly content for you to use in order to help you practice your theology at home and in the public square of our cities and our world. We are calling it “Theology in the Dirt”. Theology in the Dirt is produced by Chris Hayes, by the way.

Why theology in the dirt? Because sometimes you just have to get you hands dirty to get work done. It’s easy to do theology in the classroom or in a vacuum. It’s another thing to do our theology in the dirty and messy situations presenting when loving people and cities and nations while valuing our distinctions and even highlighting our distinctions rather than minimizing them.

We are not saying in any way that theology done in the classroom is invalid or not useful. It is. We are both educated theologically and vocationally, and we believe the classroom is necessary. However, we want to put our work to the test of our homes, cities, and world. We want to put our Christianity in the public square and let Jesus show himself as he is.

We believe we can be fully evangelical, fully loving, and love our neighbors and enemies as ourselves while discussing issues of our day.

So, we are launching our first attempt.

Below you will find the video and link to our podcast. The podcast will actually begin to be available in about a week on apple and Spotify. According to our executive producer, Chris Hayes, it takes about a week for it to be available.

So, here you go. Please email and / or comment. Ask questions and please share it! Your questions and sharing will grow our content and ability to make a difference.

Thank you, and enjoy/learn/engage and help us make a difference.

Theology in the Dirt Podcast


Theology in the Dirt Podcast



  1. Great discussion Mitch, I believe civil disagreement is something we have lost in the last 12 years and it needs to come back. We can see the evidence of it now as it seems our leaders cannot even come together for a civil discussion in a national crisis. Keep these coming.
    Howie Simpkins

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