Discipleship for the Church

Good evening TRC and Friends.

We put together some instruction from Justin and Les that helps us think through some best practices as we gather in homes as families and as small groups, and I believe you will find this helpful.

NEWS: At this point, we won’t be able to gather as an entire fellowship until after Easter as UCS along with the other schools are closed through April 12 and will not reopen until the 13th unless that timeframe is extended and we need to remain absent from the building longer.

We long to get together again because those gatherings are a taste of heaven as there will be a gathering of people from every nation to worship Jesus in the eternal kingdom, and the Spirit who is in us longs in us for such glory. So, we miss that time. We will meet together again! He will see to it.

So, as we continue to meet together as a fellowship on mission together while scattered, let’s dive into God’s good for us in being better small groups using tech to our advantage, and enjoy worshiping together with our families.

We will post the sermon/bible study and worship set Sunday morning like we did last week, so be on the lookout for that. It should drop around 9 AM just like last week.

Please comment and offer any thoughts on practices that are helping you and yours.

Grace to you and Peace,

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