The Treasure of the New Creation

This morning in my bible reading I was excited for two reasons: 1. Tomorrow I get to finish up year 27 of reading through Scripture from beginning to end. God has been so good to give us his Word, and it’s a treasure to plow through it. If you don’t have a bible reading plan, please give the one I use a whirl. Hit me up at and I’ll share it with you. 2. Revelation 21 reminded me of a recent sermon where we discovered the glories of the new creation The Restoration.

Here is a quote: “The treasure in the new heaven and new earth is God. Look at how casually what is treasured by sinful hearts is used in the new heaven and the new earth. They take the largest pearls in the world and make them into gates; then they leave the gates open, even though the city is made of pure gold; and they have the audacity to take all that jasper and build it into a wall, all that gold and use it to pave streets. All this shows that the real treasure of the new heaven and new earth is God himself.” – Dr. James Hamilton

Reading through how the capital city of the Lord Jesus’ empire is constructed with what a fallen world system values as the chief pursuit of life reminds me of the real treasure that Jesus is. God builds his roads and walls with treasures because Jesus is the real treasure.

Here is the crazy thing: WE KNOW THIS NOW, and Jesus’ kingdom rule is currently here and advancing to be completed upon his return.

If Jesus really is the real treasure then I want to live like he actually is. I want Jesus and his kingdom to be my first pursuit, my hardest effort, my greatest joy.

How might we together come after Jesus and his kingdom as a first priority? Think on that as we roll into the new year.

Grace to you and peace!

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