Thoughts from my reading of Amos 6-9: Take God at His Word

I wrote some thoughts on my reading of Amos the other day in my journal, and two things came to mind. One, I should share that because it helped me. Two, I should make it an aim to write some simple and short devotional thoughts in 2020 to help us daily stay on our bible reading and making daily application of God’s word. I’m going to do number 1 right here, and I’m praying on if I can/should do number 2. Short and simple would challenge me because I’m unnecessarily verbose, and it’s a challenge to KIS (keep it simple) sometimes, but that just might be a challenge I need. Anyway, enough of that.

Here are my thoughts from reading Amos 6-9.

Amos wrote during the reign of Jeroboam II, likely, and it would be some 20 years before Amos’ preaching would be seen to be true and from Yhwh. No doubt many thought he was just ranting on and on about the things that fired him up. 

For Amos’ part, he would hear from Yhwh, and he would live his life not seeing the fulfillment of God’s word. Amos would have to live by faith, and trust that God’s word would come to pass. 

Amos would have to live with, perhaps, the battle against doubt regarding whether or not he heard right, whether what he heard was true, and whether or not he has spoken correctly. 

Paul said, “…we walk by faith and not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7). 

Life with Jesus is a life of trusting his word to us, and acting on that word in obedience.

This is nothing new. From Adam and Eve to Amos to you and me, we have to take God at his word and obey him. 

Let’s believe him, and do what he says. 

It never works out for our good if we give in to doubt and distrust Jesus. 

It sometimes creates short-term distress when we trust Jesus’ way and do it, but it will always work out for our long-term welfare and eternal joy. 

Take God at his word, and look for the good he has for us by trusting him.

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