Hearing God


Good Thursday! Hey, TRC and Friends, this past Sunday was our monthly “a little more in depth” teaching time we call “First Sunday”. I had planned to teach on “hearing God” almost a year ago, and as providential grace would have it, I had the chance to sit under my friend Michael Seaman teaching on “hearing God” to some of his church planters in Toronto. Funny how the Lord works that stuff out. I had the chance to be nourished in the word, then I had the chance to nourish others in the word. Love how the Mighty Lord Jesus weaves that kind of stuff together. It’s glorious!

Above is the video of that session.

We say that discipleship is hearing and obeying God. Well, here we get a little farther into some of how we can hear God from 1 Samuel 3.

Enjoy, and please comment and pass along if this is helpful.


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  1. When in conversation with someone and a scripture comes to me regarding something they’ve said, is how I hear from the Lord. If I have a thought that could cause me to say or do the wrong thing and again, a scripture pops up in my mind is another way I hear from him.

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