Parenting Results…Win Thanks to TRC and SWO

Each year as we approach H hour…D Day i.e. back to school, I take time to ask some probing questions to my sons beyond the normal. This year, I asked 2 out of 3, “What would you die for? What do you believe?” My senior, yes senior, my 18 year old senior, beat me to the punch by asking me theology questions as he and his buddies have some good debates over election, apologetics, general theology. We had a great discussion.

Upon hearing responses to my inquiries and upon discussing some solid doctrine with the older one, I walked away thankful for two entities: 1. Three Rivers Church 2. Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Why? Each of my sons, in their own way, went to the text. They asked and answered with Scripture. We teach in such a way at TRC that the whole bible points us to Jesus. We teach, act like, and it’s because we believe, Scripture is sufficient. We don’t start with philosophy or other disciplines. We start with the Manual, God’s Word, and that informs all other things. When we take our students on retreat, we don’t look within, we don’t look for posh settings, we go to SWO. Although I consider Andrews, NC posh and my ideal geography, some may say it’s “adventurous”. Whatevs. At SWO expository preaching / teaching on any and everything that needs to be addressed in student culture teaches our students not only what they need to know, but how they can discover the answers for themselves…in Scripture.

So, today, this old dad is thankful for TRC and SWO.

Take aways?

  1. If you don’t have a church home, and you have students, don’t look for flash or lights or entertainment. Look for biblical substance that points students to the Scriptures. We’d love for you to visit TRC.
  2. If you take students to camp, take them to SWO. No better. I love those brothers and sisters there, and my family feels like it’s home in so many ways. You’ll feel that way too.


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