A Little Mother’s Day Follow Up

TRC and Friends, below is a little follow up video to help you understand a little more about roles in the church for men and woman on the heels of Mother’s Day.

Over last week there was a Twitter “fight” started by one who is a hard complementarian by verbally accusing soft complementarians like Beth Moore and JD Greear of sin. I was not involved in said dust up. I just watched from afar and did a little “pfft’ing” as I read some people’s stuff while pretending to not be shocked some people are, well, not very friendly. I must admit, I was in “cage stage” for a while. Then I was in my “know more than you” stage. Then I learned I don’t know half what I think I know. Then wisdom kicked in, or it kicked my teeth in. Not sure I got the message loud and clear, but I’d like to think I’ve learned, evolved, nuanced, grown more toward Jesus, and become a better pastor/teacher/theologian. I digress.

Since we practice a softer version of complementarity (we have women who lead ministries like Brittany and Amy who lead parents and men and women) as well as my wife who is a seminary graduate and fantastic speaker/preacher/teacher to speak to us on occasion, I thought it a good exercise to frame the issue for you and provide a timely article written by my friend Steve Bezner on this very thing today in light of last week’s dust up among some of our SBC Brethren/Sistren (is that a word?).

So, watch my cinematic masterpiece (End Game my foot), and then read Steve’s article, and then you can listen to Jennifer’s message from Sunday.

See below

Steve Bezner’s Article: Room for Moore

Jennifer Jolly Mother’s Day Sermon

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