God Did It…It Was Not Just Timing

I need to give thanks to Jesus publicly. I believe God answered prayer to heal my son John Mark, and I attributed it to timing not to God’s powerful answering of prayer.

John Mark got concussed in wrestling practice back in early December. His symptoms from his concussion lingered for a long time. He had a blurry spot in his vision in the upper right portion of his sight, and he could not maintain balance with his eyes closed, and he had some lingering headaches. 

The team trainer was concerned about the vision and the balance, even though he passed his impact test in early January. 

So, with concern, the trainer suggested a visit to a neurologist. So, we visit the doctor, and they ran some tests and were likewise concerned. The words they used caused us great concern. They said they wanted to address the elephant in the room…i.e. a tumor.

Lingering balance and sight issues that long after a concussion was not the norm, so they needed to rule out something worse.

I was truly stunned while standing with my son making an appointment for his MRI. I started thinking ahead to what all that would entail if it was the worse case. Mind swimming. 

At that moment, we began praying for healing. I asked pastors, family and my GlocalNet family to pray. We were keeping the circle tight so as to not cause necessary alarm. Not sure that was the best strategy, but didn’t want to cry “wolf” if there was no wolf. It’s likely better to call on the whole fellowship rather than worry about crying “wolf”. Lesson learned there too. 

That was Thursday January 10, and the MRI was Monday January 14. Folks were praying. Folks were checking in and letting me know they were praying. Certain folks were fasting and praying. 

The MRI happens, and we get the results on Tuesday.

Clean!!! It was the lingering concussion. Rare situation. 

Also…by Wednesday January 16 the symptoms began to alleviate dramatically, and John Mark was back to practice by the end of the week with nothing lingering. He was completely well. 

Here is where it gets funky for me. I began to decry the cost of the the MRI, the effects of the cost of the MRI, lament that if we had just held off a little, we would have seen the improvement since he was getting better. We evidently did not need the MRI and we could have avoided this unnecessary scare AND cost. Completely a naturalistic response. As if everything was only biological and natural. 

The Lord gently reminded me that when his people pray, and ask a good Father for good gifts, he does not give bad gifts, and he moves mountains and makes things change.

Could it have been God not timing?

I was reminded that the clean MRI, the fast recovery after the MRI and the return to wrestling was not an issues of timing bur rather an issue of a God who hears the prayers of his people, responds to fasting, breaks through the curse of sin, and he sets right what the curse has broken. 

I had to repent of thinking John Mark’s healing a merely natural thing and an issue of timing. I was robbing God of Glory due to him.

So, I want to repent of such folly, and give the Lord Jesus all the praise for hearing prayer and healing. 

Jesus did that not timing. 

How easy it is to revert back to natural tendencies while inside a supernatural kingdom. I told my pastors that I repent of the sin of disbelief and robbing God of glory, and I want to tell you that I repent of that sin, and I give all honor to Jesus who did it!

One final thought, if when we are faced with challenges, let my failure be a lesson to trust the Lord for the supernatural, and receive eyes that see God’s hand move mountains for us in response to prayer and fasting.



  1. Praise Jesus for John Mark’s healing!!! The Spirit’s conviction in your life is evidence of you abiding in Christ. May He be glorified. Love this story! Thank you for sharing. 😁


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