Jump Into 2019 Reading Scripture

One of the key influencers for Christians who serve, attend regularly, become covenant members, lead and give is bible reading. Those who read their bibles regularly grow in knowledge and obedience to what God is communicating in Scripture.

TRC and Friends, would you join the Jolly family in reading through the Scriptures this year? Let’s see what the Lord may do if we are all taking our marching orders from the Manual together.

The bible reading plan we use is one that I was introduced to a very long time ago, and I have a laminated copy I keep in my journal and that I have typed into our digital family calendar. We can get through the Old Testament once, and we get through the New Testament and Psalms twice.

I can’t find that plan online anymore, but below is a link to TRC’s website that has bible reading plans linked to it. So, go find one that suits you and gets you through the whole bible in a year.

Reading the bible through in a year is a small commitment of daily time that will pay huge dividends.

So, join us and lets see how the Lord grows us together in 2019.

Have a great New Year’s celebration, and we’ll see you Sunday.

LINK: Resources to help you grow

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