Cheerful Givers

Good morning TRC and Friends. Hey, as a member of the board of directors for the Division of Family and Children Services in Rome/Floyd County, we get to serve our children and our city in some cool ways. One of the ways we can serve together is through “Cheerful Givers”.

Cheerful Givers is a program to serve our children in foster care and the families who are serving those precious students by supplying Christmas gifts for them. Simple and yet so needed and impactful.

On this link Cheerful Givers you can see the drop off locations (one of them being Restoration Rome) and a list of children you can purchase for and what those guys would like for Christmas.

Scroll down and pick a child with the button “sign up” next to their name and select  that person, submit it and sign up, and purchase Christmas presents for your selected child.

Now, simply take the presents to the drop off location of your choice.

Please participate, and do so before December 14th.

Come on Three Rivers, Friends, and Rome/Floyd County, let’s get this done.

In case you missed the link, here it is again Cheerful Givers


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