TRC R-Life

At TRC, we say our strategy for going after the vision of discipling the nations is UP / IN / OUT…We call that a Radical Life. A life rooted in our identity in Christ and his praise – UP. Life with each other in covenant fellowship that is birthed out of our identity in Christ – IN. Loving our world by staring with loving our neighbors as ourselves as we heal and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus – OUT.

Our small group life is called R-Life. Radical Life Groups. Those group’s very heart-beat is UP/IN/OUT.

TRC R-Life groups are where life in the church is experienced. If you are not in one of those, you are missing out on where life in the Spirit is had.

On this day, I wanted to give a big “shout out” to TRC for how you serve one another, and how you live out the DNA of our church with each other.

We all never know when life is going to smack us around. The curse of the fall is breathing its last, but it’s a violent last gasp, and it smacks us all in many ways and at the worst possible time. The Jolly’s are under the gun of the curse. I’m not sure we’ve had any respite from that in a long time. Many of you have the weight of life bearing down. It seems many of us are in the “weeds” so to speak from our members stationed around the world to right next door. Ministry in South Rome is hard. Ministry around the world is hard. Ministry at our homes is hard. Staying focused is hard. Persevering is hard. Speaking truth is hard. Living in the truth is hard. Believing the truth is hard.

It is in these times that our teaching and our life together land either on solid footing or on sand.

We have striven to show you a big God with great and big designs for his glory and our good with both of those ends vital. His glory in our good are always God’s great ends.

We have striven to show you how covenant membership is how we serve one another well in those great big ends of Jesus Christ.

You have solid ground to land on, TRC. Jesus is that rock that will never shift. Hold on to Jesus Christ and him crucified for you and for the world, and you won’t be shaken as your ground can’t be shaken. In him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. As you receive the Lord, so live in him, rooted and built up just as you have been taught.

You do good TRC! You are to be commended for your love of God, your love of each other, and your love of the world. You make this fight for Rome, GA and the world worth it. Make no mistake, it’s a fight, but it’s worth it!

Let’s keep running hard. Well done!


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