God At Work in Our Local Schools

Hey TRC and Friends. We have some upcoming things happening you’ll want to be ready for.

First Sunday October 14th. We’ll tackle some issues on race and culture in which we need to learn to think in a manner consistent with God’s word and not aligned with a political party or a tribe. If we are not careful we can say to others that they would never be welcomed at our church by what we promote on social media. So much exclusion comes because, perhaps, we are unaware of what we project to other cultures or races. Not everyone sees everything from the same place. We want to be Christian first.

All Saints bio this year is November 18. We will be studying Dr. King, so hold on to your hat. We moved that so our students could be in attendance.

Finally, it was awesome to see God at work on our campuses across Rome/Floyd County through See Ya At The Pole. God’s not kicked out of anything. It’s not possible to even do that, so be encouraged.

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