Sometimes Sunday Mornings Can Stink

Someone posted a video of Ken Davis on the FB today and I watched it. It took me back to my early days in the faith. I’ve seen this guy in person, and something about him is genuine, and he resonated in my soul. It was nostalgic to watch Ken Davis again.

Anyway, this tale here reminds me that we pastors at TRC, particularly those of us with older and grown young’uns, pray for you young parents with little ones as we gather early on Sunday mornings. Why? We’ve been through the war you are in. We recognize Sundays are hard. I don’t know why, but if it can go wrong it will on Sunday mornings.

My amazing wife has had to get herself and our 3 sons to church by herself for 16 years, and she’s never failed to get it done, but it has been a war. Oh Lord, is was a war many Sundays. There will be treasure in heave for Jennifer just for getting our boys to teenage years alive and in the faith.

Good news! You are not alone. It’s war for all of us. AND! There is light at the end of the tunnel. It gets better. Also, it helps if we can relax and laugh about it.

Here’s a little video of Ken Davis reminding us of the stuff we put up with and how funny it can be after the fact. After the fact. After the fact.

Enjoy a little laugh.

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