God’s Regret

Yesterday, we dealt with the Old Testament’s most difficult passage in Genesis 6:1-8, and to be sure it was made more difficult by me getting sick late Friday and chooseing to not dump such a hard passage on another pastor on such short notice.

To be sure I had the medicine head, and tried to stay on my game as best I could. I did not dive into verse 6 as deeply as possible for choosing to deal with the “sons of God” phrase and who they are and get to some limited application rather than deal with two doctrinally challenging ideas in one sermon.

I’m thankful that my friend, Scott Abston, asked about verses 6-7 after, and we talked about it, and I shared an audio clip with Scott later in the day that has helped me greatly with the idea of God’s regret and being sorry. Thanks for asking Scott!

I’d like share that audio clip with you below.

Thank you for bearing with my sick old self if you were present or listened to the audio, and I hope this audio clip explains what I didn’t dive into out of choice due to time constraint and picking my expositional battles for one sermon. (smiley face emoticon)

Enjoy, and please feel free to ask any theological question you need or desire to ask.



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