Hard Questions and Hard Work Regarding Race

The truth is that when folks begin to talk about race some will throw the rocks of verbal insults ranging from “liberal” to “Marxist”. I’ve quoted for you recently how one gentleman called me a “neo-con” and referred to men I quote and admire like Russell Moore and Thabiti Anyabwile as “Marxists”.

Two things have caused my blinders of being the majority to be graciously removed from my eyes: 1. Being unwelcome in a particular store with my black son because he is black and 2. Traveling the world in hard places and having to become the minority and observe the abuses of the majority on the minority.

It’s strange the things you see when you are no longer in a position of power or advantage. I never saw it until it was removed. That’s just the way it is when you are in a privileged place.

Let me say this first: I’m still not able to process the last 11 years or the last 3 days adequately, but I do have questions that I have painfully learned the answers to that will make some angry. Those questions and answers will make some defensive. Those questions and answers will make some want me to leave, go elsewhere or simply remove themselves from our ministry.

Here is a question I have had to ask that has wrecked me: why do we white evangelicals so quickly quote and admire Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and Martin Luther and (not all but some) and either don’t know or ignore Edward’s own slaves, Whitefield’s use of slaves here in Georgia, and Luther’s angry anti-Semitism, but we are so quick to point out Martin Luther King’s moral failures or his early liberal theology (if you read about his life you’ll learn that he went back to his roots after the bombing of his home and that his only option was theological liberalism because he was not allowed to go to conservative schools)?

Why don’t we know about the great African-American pastors, scholars and apologists of America during slavery who have served to influenced the underground church in persecuted places?

We have lots of questions we have to face, and we must take a posture of learning, empathy, and repentance.

There are many great men and women of the black church who share our love of inerrancy, gospel centrality, great commission and love for the local church. I’m going to be posting sermons from them here.

I’d like for you to enjoy Karen Ellis’ sermon on “To The Ends of the Earth: The Great Commission, the Global Persecuted Church, and Racial Unity” right here:

Karen Ellis

Scroll down to the bottom, on the right side, with the title I gave above, and be encouraged.

I know TRC is solid, sound and we are way ahead of the curve. So, TRC, we will continue to love, serve, reach out, include and grow in applying the whole bible and the whole gospel into every issue as we work with Jesus to bring all things under his rule in the work of his Kingdom including dealing with race and it’s surrounding issues.

Let’s strive together for the unity of Jesus’ church with red, yellow, black and white who are all precious in his sight.


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