India Report: Domains Change Everything

Tomorrow, we will hear from our teams returning from working with our friends in India. This is exciting on many levels, but for me it’s exciting because it represents the paradigm shift that is taking place in the work of the church.

The other day I posted a link to a previous post about domains to get your mind read for tomorrow. Domains of Society represent the third part of our DNA of KDS(domains of society)C. The gospel of the Kingdom makes Disciples who hear and obey, who engage their vocation in the domains of Society, and from there these disciples plant Churches. KDSC.

Domains change everything.

We began working in a hard place in 2002 fixing what was broken as ambassadors of Jesus. It was no secret who we are because we brought help as Jesus commanded us to in healing and announcing the kingdom.

As we taught the biblical mandate to disciple the nations as our call to work in hard places such as our adopted location and people, God called multiple TRC domain engagers to multiple places around the world. The more we tried to focus the more God called people to engage their domains glocally. That has resulted in TRC members scattered from Brazil to India and multiple places in between as well as culture shifting works like Restoration Rome right here at home. GLOCAL.

The question for us is no longer how do we keep working only in our hard place, but how do we continue to release our members to engage their domains and shepherd them as they are multiplying churches in their domains? How do we disciple our city and release our people to disciple the nations?

Domains, and the coming generations to leave us for the nations have forced us to plan our first global partners retreat this summer. We will gather our TRC people to Croatia to feed their souls with teaching, counseling, hospitality, recreation and rest. We will send them back refreshed and ready to keep up the work. There are more going, and more to serve as they go. This is part of the responsibility to love and serve one another as a local church in covenant with one another. What a joy to do that globally!

Domains change everything.

Tomorrow, you will hear from a business owner, a doctor, a leadership professional, a global partner about to leave for the far reaches of the world, a faithful employee of a local business, and a couple of faithful mothers who put their local skill to work globally.

Domains are the paradigm shift that represents the next great movement of the Kingdom of Jesus to the nations, and it won’t be done by professional ministry people. It will be done by vocational professionals learning to ply their trade globally. There are no closed countries to vocational professionals who bring tangible life with them. Those will be the ones discipling the nations and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Vocation is holy, and it is God’s plan for our lives to discover that vocation and employ it for the kingdom glocally (glocal is key to our DNA).

Be excited to hear tomorrow about how these vocational professionals used what they had to expand the rule of Jesus.

By the way, this interview won’t be recorded due to editing constraints. You’ll need to be present to hear it. So, don’t skip out tomorrow. Be present. Be on time. Come ready to worship from entrance to sending.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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