God Has Already Revealed Himself Today

Yesterday, we continued to preach from Isaiah 6:1-11 on the liturgy, pattern, rhythm, flow of a life of living sacrifice as worship.

Worship: Isaiah 6:1-ll

We focused on the pattern of REVELATION and RESPONSE in Isaiah 6 as the pattern of life that translates to the gathered service of worship.

We gave a few examples of how God reveals himself generally and in special ways that lead to salvation with the end that people worship him.

Let me share one way God has already revealed himself to you today so that you can grasp that flow of life and response in worship.

Psalm 3:5 “I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.”

If you slept at all last night, whether lots of little, and you are alive today, God has revealed himself to you. How? You and I woke because God sustained us.

Do you understand how vulnerable we are while we sleep? We are vulnerable to myriad of things that we can’t do anything about from external challenges to our body’s functioning on the inside. Why did I wake up? Because God sustained me. Your life and mine today is God’s general means of grace to all of humanity today. For us in Christ, we have eyes to see that this is a gift from God in Jesus Christ to us. Therefore, God began his revelation to you today by giving you life.

How can we respond now?

  1. Give thanks. Pray to the Lord in thanksgiving for life today.
  2. Fight to have some kind of joyful response to any and all challenges that come your way. If I have life today, then I have purpose from God today. If this is the case, then there is some joy to be found today in all challenges. Yes, even in death. The day each of my parents passed away, in the midst of the sadness and grief, there was joy that God had spared them from further suffering. Joy does not negate other complicated emotions. We can find joy in God’s providences for my day.
  3. Put on your favorite worship music and sing to the Lord with all your might. That might happen in your car while taking your kids to school or on the way home from  taking kids to school. Open up a Scripture app and listen to the Psalms. Read your bible reading plan.
  4. Take a walk through your workplace and give thanks for God putting you there as salt and light. Respond by asking God to make you “a city set on a hill”.
  5. Obey any holy promptings you sense the Spirit putting into your thoughts for his glory and the church’s good and joy.

These are just a few. Maybe there are some responses you have engaged in that have just made your day. Please feel free to share these.

May your response to Jesus be joyful and good and right. May you have eyes to see the Lord’s continual engagement in your day.


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